FBI agent: warnings obstructed in Moussaoui case

By | March 20, 2006

FBI agent warnings obstructed in Moussaoui caseRegarding 9/11: How can they kill Moussaoui for what he did not say without also putting on trial Dave Frasca (? “FBI’s Radical Fundamentalist Unit” ), Michael Maltbie and Marion “Spike” Bowman, etc.? These supervisors blocked investigations which could have prevented 9/11. Instead, Frasca and others were promoted and given cash bonuses.

“Harry Samit, the FBI agent who arrested Moussaoui three weeks before the deadly airliner hijackings that killed 3,000 people, said he tried to tell his superiors that he thought a hijacking plan might be in the works. … “From a particular individual in the (FBI’s) Radical Fundamentalist Unit, yes sir, I was obstructed,” Samit said.” – REUTERS

“Dave Frasca is the key supervising special agent in the charge of the FBI’s Radical Fundamentalist Unit in Washington D.C.”

Mike Ruppert has “tied Dave Frasca to three other 9/11 investigations that were suppressed, including a Carnivore wiretap of al Qaeda e-mails and a direct order from the White House to the FBI in January 2001 to stop investigating two of Osama bin Laden?s cousins who were living in Falls Church, Virginia, right outside of CIA headquarters.” – INTERVIEW

Due to the way compartmentalization works in intelligence a few key people can pull strings to allow things to happen. Below is agent Rowley who was blocked (by Frasca?) from investigating Moussaoui. Lesson: The FBI has many good agents but they can’t do much if their supervisors and the DOJ (Ashcroft, for example) are in on a big conspiracy.

“Rowley complained that agents’ reports from Arizona and Minneapolis landed on the desk of David Frasca, head of the Radical Fundamentalists Unit, who had actually telephoned Rowley as she and other agents watched the 9/11 attacks on television. He instructed her not to proceed with the Moussaoui investigation, with the cryptic explanation that Minneapolis might screw up something else going on elsewhere in the country.” – KEYS

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