Favorite Bush Port-gate quote

By | March 2, 2006

Regarding his deal to give the $6.8bn US port security job to the home country of two supposed 9/11 hijackers:

“It wouldn’t go forward if we had concerns to our nation’s security.” – Bush, cbc.ca

That sums it up. Most think Bush has no real concerns for national security, only for money and power, war and fear mongering in order to get more money, power and war. Look, I’m not cool with the portsBrits having control of our ports either. Who knew they had it? Not me. Not many. We are a big country. We are all grown up now. I think we can secure our own ports, especially during a “war”. The UAE is an Ally in the war on terror?

“The September 11 commission’s report raised concerns that United Arab Emirates officials were directly associating with the al Qaeda leader as recently as 1999.” – ahn

Things keep making sense from the perspective that Bush is directly tied to the attacks of 9/11. Read enough bizzare facts like this: Bush gave $27 million to an al Qaeda foot soldier. ( What, you missed that story? ) The plane into building exercise pre-planned for 9/11, one top al-Qaeda operative was a British intelligence agent, etc. and you eventually draw the conclusion that the UAE is an ally in the war of terror, not the war on terror.

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