Fastest street-legal car on the road

By | February 9, 2009

Fastest street-legal car on the road

Rod Saboury’s 1963 Corvette is a street-legal car that exceeded 210 mph at a track in Ohio. (Baltimore Sun photo by Lloyd Fox / November 24, 2008)

Going from zero to 60 mph in one second will make people stop and stare, but Rod Saboury need not drive his 2,400-horsepower, twin-turbo-charged Corvette that fast to grab attention.

Sometimes, the Millers resident and National Hot Rod Association driver cruises along Carroll County’s streets or pulls up into a McDonald’s drive-through, and then heads turn – fixated on the Corvette’s dragster-engine sound, fire-red exterior and hot-rod designs.

“It’s like driving a UFO on the highway,” says Saboury, 58, whose 1963-model Corvette is widely regarded as the fastest street-legal car on the planet. The car so impressed the editors at Super Chevy magazine that the 35-year-old publication named Saboury’s Corvette as its inaugural Car of the Year in its February issue.

… Saboury clocked his car at zero to 60 mph in one second. Moreover, the track’s Compulink timing system (which doesn’t measure miles per hour until the eighth-mile mark) clocked him reaching the eighth-mile mark at 4.56 seconds (159.27 mph).

Then the Corvette reached the quarter-mile mark in 6.95 seconds at 210.54 mph – the fastest-ever recorded drag strip run by a street-legal car.

“You can tell that he was so exited that he almost forgot to brake,” said Summit race director Nettie Damon, who clocked Saboury’s eighth-mile and quarter-mile times.

The feat was the accomplishment of Saboury’s much-sought-after goal of running a quarter-mile in the six-second range with a car that meets all requirements necessary to pass an inspection and be registered and insured in a state.

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  1. Cerebroplasty

    According to my calculations, 0-60 mph in 1 second is acceleration at 2.8 gravities. That’s pretty scary (and I didn’t believe it but the article said it’s fairly common).

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    I have to say, I can not agree with you in 100%, but it’s just my IMHO, which indeed could be very wrong.
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