Megacryometeors: Falling Ice Breaks Roof At University Gym.

By | April 14, 2006

Megacryometeors Falling Ice Breaks Roof At University Gym

“A two-foot-long chunk of ice fell from the sky Wednesday morning and tore through a Loma Linda University’s gymnasium roof. No one was in the building when the slab of opaque ice hit, although several people were outside. Loma Linda’s fire chief says witnesses told him it sounded like an artillery shell going through the air.

He says authorities aren’t sure where the ice came from, but a university spokeswoman says a building repairman saw an airplane flying overhead at the time. Maintenance workers bagged the ice, stuck it in a freezer and plan to hand it over to the Federal Aviation Administration. ” – cbs

This may be due to global warming rather than airplanes. Prepare for a lot more if that is the case. You may want to buy some thick iron sheets to shield your roof. Would NORAD be tracking these ice missles? Check this out:

OAKLAND ? Ice falling from the sky might seem unusual, but some Spanish and American scientists say it is becoming a frequent occurrence throughout the world.Like the estimated 200-plus-pound chunk that fell Saturday on Bushrod Park, clear-ice from the sky has been reported around the world. Big and small ice-falls have happened in China, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Scotland, Hungary, England, India and more than half of the United States ? often in summer and some recorded before aircraft were invented, scientists say. And in each case, no one knows why.

Travis and Madrid-based scientist Jesus Martinez-Frias have studied the phenomenon since at least 2000, when they began scouring the Internet for news stories about the incidents. They found 37 instances in which a large chunk of ice fell from clear skies. Each year, they find more reports of it happening.

The Oakland ice cube was clear and free of debris, ruling out any chance it came from an airplane restroom, the experts said. But its large size makes it hard to believe the ice is a product of nature. …” – insidebay

Are these from space? No.

“… lab tests showed that ice in megacryometeors had the distinctive chemical signature of ice in ordinary terrestrial hailstones. ” – postgaz

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