Esa selects 1bn-euro Juice probe to Jupiter

By | May 2, 2012
Juice concept

The European Space Agency (Esa) is to mount a billion-euro mission to Jupiter and its icy moons.

The probe, called Juice, has just been approved at a meeting of member state delegations in Paris.

It would be built in time for a launch in 2022, although it would be a further eight years before it reached the Jovian system.

The mission has emerged from a five-year-long competition to find the next “large class” space venture in Europe.

Juice stands for JUpiter ICy moon Explorer. The concept proposes an instrument-packed, nearly five-tonne satellite to be sent out to the Solar System’s biggest planet, to make a careful investigation of three of its biggest moons.

The spacecraft would use the gravity of Jupiter to initiate a series of close fly-bys around Callisto and Europa, and then finally to put itself in a settled orbit around Ganymede.

Emphasis would be put on “habitability” – in trying to understand whether there is any possibility that these moons could host microbial life.

Callisto, Europa and Ganymede are all suspected to have oceans of water below their icy surfaces. As such, they may have environments conducive to simple biology.

via BBC News – Esa selects 1bn-euro Juice probe to Jupiter.

I used to think finding microbial life would be no big deal, but now I have a theory about microbes being the way a large intelligent species would travel through space, so I’m much more interested. The entire genetic make up of a person fits in the head of a sperm cell (5 microns) which is the size of a large bacterium. That’s  you.  You started as something the size of a bacteria. We know that some bacteria can survive in space and can remain viable after 25 to 40 million years as a spore.

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  1. robertmyrland

    To investigate the BEAMSHIP looking moons with is not just a rock, its a boiled beamship that originates from the surface of Mars 2.1 Million years ago while the galactic war was going on.

      1. robertmyrland

        They are arrogant and don’t want to listen to logical things that make sense out of what visible as proof to day, instead they ignore what I tell them and invent STUPID BS ideas about the universe that is in ZERO grip with the reality… I wish they did not ignore but they do. The only person who did not ignore me was Stanton T. Friedman with I by the way will go visit next year in Canada.

        There are marks of the galactic war everywhere…

        The asteroid belt is not natural and asteroid belts are not commonly found in solar systems due to the fakt that the asteroid belt is rests and pieces of a detonated planet.

        The planet who was detonated 2.1 Million years ago was named Melona with is aslo why a water Melon bear its name Melon, the name comes from that planet and the Melon it self is not natural evolved here, it evolved on Melona and thats why a water Melon bear that name.

        Melona was a planet between Earth and Mars and was closer to Mars than to Earth.

        The fight started when Melona or Mars (i cant remember who started the fight but I do remember what it was about) wanted Jupiter to become a sun and then the fight started, with obvious ended up with a big blast.

        I remember the “tubes” that was meant to be transported to the ground of Jupiter to light up Jupiter to become a Sun. If you want I can draw these devices as I remember them.

        The whole event ended up with that Melona was blown up with a type bomb that resembles the power and energies involved over Tunguska 1908.

        The whole planet broke apart and the Mars people who put the bomb on Melona flew to Earth leaving some left to die of their own on Mars.

        Then first come the shock wave with polished Mars on one side, then while the planet is still rotating the planet come to but as small and large rocks that hit Mars, Mars had the time to rotate about 180 degrees before the pieces come out of the destroyed planet and you can see that proof on mars to day, on the one side it is smooth and on the otter its full of craters.

        When the pressure wave come from the detonation of Melona all water blow of Mars and all living lifeforms. The water to day is the icy moon around Jupiter and the large spacecrafts on Mars at the time was also blown of the planet and they boiled because the blast energy from the wave consists of magnetic wind with makes the beamships implosion engine over cook and that makes the crafts shell heat up to the metal glows and that again leads to that sand blown of Mars did weld it self to the craft so thats why there are lots of sand settlement around the craft that orbits Jupiter and thats why its almost perfect smooth on the edges and looks like boiled rock on the bottom and on the top.

        And thats why they build a very expensive satellite to go there to investigate because the official story is not the truth, they suspect what I know it is and thats why they go there with that satellite.

        While trying to write this and the otter about Tunguska just some hour back, my computer started to act crazy and blinking screens, black screens with a message “we see you” and bellow “windows may not be able to resume correctly if u continue what u doing”. And whatever it was its a background “service” and it has made me a headache because it has become almost impossible to write anything, when i pus key L it write R and many otter strange behaviors so I have to correct a lot all the time. I newer seen this before and such messages ever before on windows ever before and the end text I write is almost always hidden when I write here in this text box so i write blind most of the time, what the fuck is going on? When I dont type the the activity from this background shit go down to every 5 minutes but as soon I start write the rate go down to every 10 sec. STRANGE and I guess some NWO fuckface dont like what I write.

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