Energy producing door from Fluxlab

By | March 29, 2008

revolving-door-generator-gadget.jpgNowadays people try to use alternative energy sources wherever it’s possible. There are a lot of reasons for this, among which the lack of natural resources and will to protect the environment are the most important. One of the methods to produce power real-time consists in the idea of using human efforts and energy that seems to be promising enough. Gadgets like crowd farm produce electricity when people walk on them, another good idea was to combine a revolving door with an electricity generator.

 The Revolution Door from Fluxlab has a generator built in and whenever a person goes through the door he/she produces energy. Apparently the idea for creation of such a device can not be considered as an innovative one, yet before this time there were some problems with its implementation. However this gadget is much more detailed and was probably designed as a conceptual piece to get people thinking about the usefulness of such a structure.

To my mind in the near future people will start to use such devices because of their efficiency and ecological compatibility. Moreover I hope that more efforts will be made in this domain, i.e. to make the power be generated by our own efforts without making any additional efforts. – gr

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