Email blogging test!

By | October 21, 2009
Enabled new features tonight. I can now blog by sending an email (even with some formatting) and each of my blog posts is mirrored on Twitter (so follow me if you do that) and Yahoo updates.

Attached photos show up at the bottom of the post, and on Twitter with a short link to the full post.

Nicely done WordPress!

Email attachments will be included in your published post as follows: A single image is displayed inline with your post, if your email client supports this, or will be attached to the end of your post. Multiple images will be displayed as a gallery at the end of your post.


  1. Special shortcodes can be embedded in your email to configure various aspects of the published post.
  2. I can use them to mark categories, set a password, set tags, etc.
  3. Shortcodes can be included anywhere in the body of your email and must be in lowercase.

via – theohaga

Things that don’t work:

  • From Yahoo email rich text, things lost by WordPress: centering of text, colored fonts, indents.
  • Entire post is put inside a table for some reason.
  • Font is smaller on WordPress.
  • [title Your post title] short code failed to work.
  • blogging this way from Sprint picture mail includes all kinds of crummy Sprint logos and formatting.

Things that work:

  • Adding an image at the bottom,
  • links
  • bold and italics
  • categories short code


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