Bush endures final insult as poll looms

By | November 6, 2006

Bush endures final insult as poll looms

IN the last hours of the campaigning for the mid-term congressional elections President George W. Bush took Air Force One to western Florida yesterday to suffer an embarrassment rare in the stage managed theatrics of a US president.Mr Bush landed in Pensacola, in northwestern Florida, to stump for Charlie Crist the Republican governor campaigning to replace Mr Bush?s brother Jeb. But Mr Crist didn?t show.

In a sign that the US is already looking to the 2008 presidential elections, Mr Crist snubbed Mr Bush at the last minute and instead made sure he could get to Jacksonville – on the other side of the state – to get the imprimatur of Senator John McCain, the current front runner for the Republican presidential ticket. –austrail

You can probably find election results here when they start to become available. Predictions are that the Democrats will take back America by controlling the House and perhaps the US Senate as well. Vote fraud is a real possibility, but there are a few good signs: Judge Allows Ohio Democrats To Add Elections Observers
This may be your last chance to speak out against fear and fascism.

Go vote for your state’s Democratic candidate.

Your life may depend on it because Bush is CRAZY.

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