Election Results + Live Comments via Twitter From Around the World

By | November 5, 2008

Well, I’m in a great mood! Click the map for the latest update:



For some more fun, watch people’s comments real time, live on a map here:


State by state:

  1. Connecticut (O): Obama declared winner in Connecticut
  2. Delaware (O): Obama wins in Delaware
  3. District of Columbia (O): Sen. Obama wins District of Columbia
  4. Maine (O): Obama wins Maine
  5. Michigan (O): Obama wins Michigan’s 17 electoral votes
  6. New Hampshire (O): Roundup: Obama adds New Hampshire, extrends early lead
  7. New Jersey (O): Obama easily wins NJ’s 15 electoral votes
  8. New york(O) :Barack Obama wins New York
  9. Pennsylvania( O):  Obama wins Pa., state thought crucial for John McCain
  10. Rhode Island (O): Obama wins heavily-Democratic RI over McCain
  11. South Carolina (M): SC taps John McCain for president
  12. Virginia (O): Reported via Twitter.
  13. Vermont (O): Obama wins Vermont
  14. Wisconsin (O): Obama takes Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, early lead

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