Elderly woman ruins valuable artwork

By | August 23, 2012

An elderly Italian woman appears to have destroyed a valuable artwork after she took it upon herself to ‘restore’ the crumbling painting.

The image, painted by 19th-century artist Elías García Martínez, had reportedly been deteriorating for some time.

The woman in her 80s, a neighbour of the church in which the fresco is located, attempted to restore the painting ‘without permission but with good intentions’.

But a donation from the artist’s granddaughter was about to fix that when the neighbour got in first to have a crack at fixing it up.

The results were not quite as she expected, however.

Once the budding artist realised she was in over her head, she confessed to local authorities.

A professional restorer is reportedly now set to assess the damage and see if the fresco can be saved.

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There are plenty of photos of Ecce Homo by 19th-century painter Elías García Martínez on the net. Thanks to the woman, more people will now know and appreciate his work.

Elderly woman destroys 19th-century fresco with DIY restoration

Three separate photographs of “Ecce Homo” by painter Elias Garcia Martinez show extensive damage caused by an elderly woman who decided the masterpiece needed a little refurbishment.

But in a time of austerity, rather than calling in a professional to complete the job, the unnamed woman attempted to restore the mural herself – at a devastating cost.

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I like it. Its surreal. Its kind of a big-lipped alien. They should keep it. They should let everyone in the church paint over it at each service and video tape it morphing and changing into different faces.  Video of the woman and the paining in the church here.

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