Einstein “palled around” with a liberal assassin

By | January 23, 2009

A belief in guilt by association shows ignorance, a lack of discernment. A smear of now President Barak Obama by the McCain/ Palin campaign was a recent example of this type of attack.  The logic is obviously flawed. When a friend or family member commits a crime, all people who knew the criminal are not thrown in jail.

To further emphazie how crazy this Ayers propaganda is, I point out, as a historical curiousity, that Alber Einstein had a radical liberal friend.

According to the book “Einstein, Everything You Need to Know About the World’s Most Acclaimed Genius” by Priwer and Phillips:

Essential Einstein Everything You Need to Know Aboit the World's Most Acclaimed Genius“[Friedrich] Adler was a pacifist, who was vehemently opposed to the impending war.  His antiwar ideas rubbed off on Einstein, and they would continue to influence him for years to come. Adler would later become more notorious than famous. He actually assassinated the prime minister of Austria in 1916! … Though Einstein and Adler met through science, they discovered much other common ground, and respect appears to have been paramount throughout their relationship.” – p 129

Adler was born in Vienna, the son of social democratic politician Victor Adler. … He was a good friend of Albert Einstein. … In his fight against the war policy of Austria-Hungary Adler resorted to drastic measures. On October 21, 1916, in the dining room of the Viennese hotel Meißl und Schadn, he shot the Minister-President of Austria Count Karl von Stürgkh three times with a pistol, killing him. For his crime Adler was sentenced to death, a sentence which was commuted to 18 years imprisonment. … – wiki

History has shown that the character attack on Barak Obama failed, but for reasons such as  conservative hate radio, like Rush Limbaugh this is still circulating. Lets bring back standards of broadcasting that require proof, standards which require journalistic integrity.

Remove funding for hate radio which seeks to divide Americans into warring groups. Bush is out. We did it! Now lets strike at the root of divisiveness in this country: marginalize hate radio jockies like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. Conservative views are needed to balance liberal ideas, but no one needs radical hate speech.  Conservatives are not, in general, filled with hate and bigotry, yet this is what many liberals have come to believe due to these highly vocal bad examples.

End the monopoly they have via Clear Channel Communications. On the Internet, if you hear something about Ayers, you can do a quick search and find the other side of the coin:

When Obama met him, Ayers was not a “terrorist.” As everyone knows by now, he had moved on to become a respected academic in the field of early childhood education. He was even designated Citizen of the Year in 1997 by the city of Chicago for the work he did at the non-profit where he and Obama sat on the board. Terrifying! – huffpost

This is not true for talk radio. It should be.

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