Eight-yolker an eggs-traordinary find

By | May 11, 2010

eggWaikato woman claims she made an eggs-traordinary discovery while making breakfast this morning – an egg containing eight yolks.

This picture was sent in to The Press, to show the eight yolks found inside the free range egg.

The woman, known only as Roberta, got the “surprise of her life” when she discovered that all eight yolks came from the same egg.

Roberta was making scrambled eggs for her grandson, Jonathan, when she made the discovery.

She was “a bit worried” about eating the egg but cooked it up anyway and her grandson said that it tasted great.

The egg was laid by one of the hen’s Roberta keeps, Charlotte and Angela.

Roberta’s neighbour, Bill Carter, who took the photograph, said the most yolks he had ever seen from one egg was two.

“So, eight is just incredible. We thought that some of your readers might be interested.

“I showed the photo to some of our neighbours and they thought that it might be a New Zealand record,” he said.

Vanessa Wintle, Egg Producers’ Federation of New Zealand (Inc) said while double-yolked eggs were common, to find eight was ”pretty exceptional”.

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