Egyptian court divorces couple to keep them healthy

By | October 9, 2008

An Egyptian court divorced a couple after 12 years of an apparently happy marriage because the husband loved smoking strong cigars, a local newspaper reported Friday.

The Al Gomhuria daily said Egyptian national Yasriya Suleiman decided to divorce her husband because he would not accept her demands to smoke outside the home.

“Due to constant inhalation of cigar smoke I developed a heavy allergy, but my spouse refused to give up cigars even after I had to go to a hospital and doctors prohibited me from being near smokers,” Yasriya told the court.

“My husband deliberately puts my life to danger. And I am not ready to sacrifice my life for the sake of love for him,” she said. Mohammed, Yasriya’s husband, said his wife’s demands were “inhumane.” “I have been smoking cigars all my conscious life, and a sharp cessation of smoking can endanger my life as well,” he said, adding that he smoked at home because he worked at home. … The court granted the divorce request, noting that the marriage “threatens the health of both spouses.” – rian

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