Egypt decree grants arrest powers to military

By | June 13, 2012

Egypt decree grants arrest powers to military

Egypt’s justice ministry has issued a decree allowing military police and intelligence officers to arrest civilians suspected of crimes, restoring some of the powers of the decades-old emergency law which expired just two weeks ago.

The decree applies to a range of offences, including those deemed “harmful to the government,” destruction of property, “obstructing traffic,” and “resisting orders.”

Several of those provisions would allow the military to detain peaceful protesters. Rallies in Tahrir Square routinely disrupt traffic, for example.

The controversial order was drafted earlier this month, but was not announced until Wednesday.

It will remain in effect at least until a new constitution is drafted, according to the ministry. …

The military in Egypt can now arrest anyone for not following orders. Sounds like slavery to me. Definitely worse than the fact that you can be arrested in America for resisting arrest… although that is messed up as well.

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