Edgar Mueller creates record-breaking pavement art

By | November 25, 2009

Edgar Mueller creates record-breaking pavement artEdgar Mueller, the street artist, has broken a new Guinness World Record after creating the world’s biggest 3D pavement art featuring characters from the movie Ice Age.

He beat his own world record by covering an area of 330 square metres with a wintry scene to coincide with the DVD launch of Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Taking six days to create, the pavement art, at Westfield London, features characters Manny, Buck, Sid, Diego, Scrat and Scratte edging over an icy crevasse.

Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief of Guinness World Records, said: “Guinness World Records has been monitoring the fantastic work of Edgar Mueller for some time now, and we’re thrilled to be so closely involved with his latest record-breaking creation.

“Children – and adults – around the world are blown away by Edgar’s eye-popping landscapes, and he truly deserves a place in the record books taking the art of pavement of drawing to stratospheric new levels.”

Mueller, 41, who has been street painting since he was 16, said: “I used to use chalk and pastels but as my paintings got bigger and bigger I had to use wall paint in case of heavy rain. I also want people to interact with the painting.

“I’m not a record hunter, but because I want to change public areas into a different look, to look different from daily life I have to go huge. If I want to change a street, then I have to cover the whole street, so that’s the reason my paintings are so big.”

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