East Worthing woman’s UFO puzzler

By | June 5, 2009

East Worthing womans UFO puzzler

AN EAST Worthing woman was left stunned by a mysterious ball of light moving in the sky.

The woman, who has asked not to be identified, was standing outside her home smoking a cigarette when she saw the strange light over the Lancing area at around 10.30pm on May 29.

“It was moving, heading from the west to the south east,” said the woman.

“At first I thought it must be a plane or satellite or something. But I quickly realised that the other aircraft in the sky had blinking lights and this seemed much higher up than any aircraft and was travelling much faster and heading away from me, so it could not have been aeroplane lights.

“Nor was it a helicopter, as it was far higher then they fly (and I’m used to seeing helicopters around here and know how they look from various angles)”

Curious, the woman continued to watch the light and was amazed when it sharply turned back on itself and began heading west.

“This was when I realised it was something unusual,” said the woman.

“I was about to dash inside to grab my camera when it suddenly stopped, lit up really brightly and expanded in size, into a huge silver/white ball, at least five or six times bigger than it started.

“Compared to the largest star nearby, this object was now huge, about the size of a golf ball held at arms length.

“I was dumbstruck.

The light then returned to its regular size and began moving north-east, disappearing after 15 minutes.

She added: “I do hope some other folks witnessed this, as it would have been absolutely impossible not to see it had anyone else been looking skywards at the time in this area.”

via East Worthing woman’s UFO puzzler – Worthing Today.

My guess would be a blimp.

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