Ernesto, John and Ioke

By | August 29, 2006

Ernesto John and Ioke

Tropical Storm Ernesto forecast to strengthen, possibly to a hurricane, is approaching Florida. Residents are preparing as they typically do. They’ve lived it before: The power lines get knocked down. If it gets really bad and if it hits during the day, they may watch the roofs (including theirs) blow right off, shingle by shingle. In the aftermath: No power, stores, gas, fresh water or AC in the sweltering heat for up to a week or more. This according to a Florida resident I interviewed last night. Watch the radar here:

Also, “An undersea earthquake struck near Indonesia’s Moluccas islands on Tuesday”. At first it was rated as 6.4 but has since been downgraded. How do earthquakes get downgraded? Equipment malfunctions?

And, Hurricane John threatens Mexico’s Pacific coast

While elsewhere the military has evacuated about 200 people from Wake Island due to an approaching Category 5 Super Typhoon.

“For the first time in nearly five decades, this tiny coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific, where its highest point barely rises to about 18 feet, has been evacuated. The reason is Super Typhoon Ioke, whose eye is aiming straight at Wake Island, home to an American base. The fragile atoll is expected to be pummeled by gusts of up to 160 knots and waves of up to 40 feet.” Click to enlarge the image from Earth Browser.

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