Acer Aspire 5610 Shutting Down for no Reason? How to fix it yourself

By | October 19, 2008
The real reason my laptop was shutting down was that it was overheating. The reason it was overheating was that over the last year or so a massive dust bunny had been growing inside it and was blocking the fan.  To remove the dust bunny, you only need a small philips screwdriver.  Take out the battery, then remove the largest plate on the back. Then unscrew the fan and lift it out (don’t break the attached wire). You’ll see the bunny. Get it. Put the whole thing back together. That’s it.
Get the SG_AS5610/TM4200 service manual for the exact steps. Project took 10 minutes and saved me a repair fee and over a week of down time.

0 thoughts on “Acer Aspire 5610 Shutting Down for no Reason? How to fix it yourself

  1. Alex

    Just want to thank you for sharing this info.. I just did what you have suggested and it has solved my problem…

    Once again,
    Thank you and keep up the good work,..

  2. Courtney

    Great! I had read in several places that you should open it up but I was nervous to do it. Most were suggestions from people who hadn’t done that to their own machine. Thanks!

  3. Simon

    Hi Xeno

    Just wanted to say a big thanks for your help. I run a children’s home in the highlands of Madagascar and all of our kids records are packed into my aging acer. It had been dying on me with alarming frequency until I came across this post.

    When I removed the back/fan I discovered a dust bunny the size of Africa and a dead beetle blocking the intake.

    Laptop now back to full health. Couldn’t be happier – thanks for a helpful, no nonsense, good humoured post.


  4. Bruno


    I try to repare the same model for a friend and i just start a (long) test after i removed a massive dust too. Thank’s a lot

    Bruno (sorry for my poor English)

  5. Rajat

    thanks a lot man! had a huge dust bunny blocking the air vent to the fan.. laptop seems to be fine now.


  6. stewart

    thanks alot i done what you said and works fine now! i even tried updating my bios which didnt work so thanks

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