Visitor Submitted UFO Photo

By | March 30, 2009

DSC03486.jpg, originally uploaded by xeno735.

This UFO was uploaded by some as yet unknown person.  If it was  you, please leave a comment letting us know more about it. Thanks, Xeno

5 thoughts on “Visitor Submitted UFO Photo

  1. Ann

    Nina, the photo was taken at night, I suppose. Was it glowing? It looks curved and almost like a caterpillar or insect, is that how it appeared to you? Did it change shape or brightness as it moved? How long did you see it? Where were you when you photographed? How far were you from the object? Did it make any noise? Did you feel any sensations electrical, tingling or whatever?… Thanks … nice photo

  2. Nina

    Hey Ann,yes the pic was taken at night,no noise at all,it was moving back and foreward,not in straight line,very strange movements,it was shining all the time,it didn’t change it’s shape while moving,it was in the sky for several minutes and yes it really looked like a caterpillar.

  3. Ann

    Sorry, about the late reply, but thanks. There’s a notion about UFOs, at least some of them, as some sort of living creature of some kind, perhaps not even of solid matter.

    A long time ago I saw a “ufo” but it acted, it seemed to me and my companion at the time, as a insect, buzzing back and forth over something that attracted its attention, although it also made no noise. What we saw were merely a pattern of lights, but they moved in unison making us think it was an object with “lights.” We could not make out its shape in the night sky.

    Then, the most fantastic part, is that at low altitude (no more than a few 100 meters off the ground) the object took off toward the western horizon so quickly, with such speed I was stunned and thought for a second is the horizon “out there”? It seemed to literally fall out of the sky. It was as if when I looked West toward the horizon I not could not perceive “distance” but only a two dimensional painting and the object merely fell from top to the bottom on that painting.

    1. Nina

      Did u have the chance to photograph what u saw?
      I’m happy that u are interested in my photo,cause most of the people that see it say that it is a fake or it is just a plane.But how could it be a plane,I’ve never seen a plane glowing like that.

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