Drone Toy for Kids Draws Criticism

By | January 5, 2013

The Amazon page for Maisto’s miniature RQ-1 Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has become a sounding board for Americans disgusted with their government’s targeted killing program.

The armed RQ-1 Predator drone is a MALE (medium-altitude, long-endurance) UAV system that has been deployed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Serbia, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen.

Here are just a few of the reviews:

  • “Whether your violating constitutional rights at home, or bombing children abroad, this toy’s perfect for all clandestine missions! Double tap strike to triple your pleasure and casualties!”
  • “The coolest detail about this toy are the small body fragments you can litter around your target area following a drone missile strike on a wedding party. THEN (this is where the real fun begins) you circle back in an hour and fire MORE missiles at the people rescuing survivors and mourning the dead! Sure if another country did such a thing we’d decry it as heinous terrorism, but when good Ol’ Uncle Sam’s finger is on the joystick, you can bet that we call what we hit our target, no matter what.”
  • “Nothing teaches your kids about the fact that they may one day be the target of an extra-judicious execution by executive order via a flying death robot from the movie Terminator, then this beautiful piece of replica toy war crimes.”
  • “I really wanted to show my toddler that it’s okay to murder people and still come out a “hero” as long as you’re in an air conditioned trailer remotely operating a Predator Drone 10,000 miles away in Pakistan.I mean, if the government sanctions murder, it must be ok, right?”
  • “… I bought ten of these for my boy because, as he so rightly says, “So many countries, so little time”. He hasn’t played with his Matchbox V2 Buzz Bomb once since he became a “Drone Operator”. It’s given him a real grasp of imperialism, murder of innocents, the art of war and the complex geography of the Middle East. Thank You Maisto, we look forward to your Cluster Bomb, Land Mine and Gas canister multi pack with anticipation hitherto unseen in the world of play.”

via BusinessInsider

Looks like Amazon removed the comments?

3 thoughts on “Drone Toy for Kids Draws Criticism

    1. Xeno Post author

      Right, the same company makes many different toy fighters, not just the drone. My guess about these comments is that people are reading the news and concluding that drones are unique in their success over the past years at killing innocent people, including young children, accidentally by remote control. Most think, I assume, that with all other types of fighters a human pilot is there to make the call before firing a hellfire missile. There have been statements about killing an important terrorist, but hearts and minds have not been won regarding the use of these flying killer robots.

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