Drone strikes in Yemen: US expert warns of anti-western sentiment

By | May 23, 2012

20120523-074655.jpg Drone strikes in Yemen: US expert warns of anti-western sentiment
… Former CIA counter-terrorism chief says US military strategy in the region is forcing Yemenis into violent extremism

The former head of the CIA’s counter-terrorism centre has warned that the use of drone strikes in Yemen risks turning militants into “dedicated enemies of the west”.

Robert Grenier, who was director of the intelligence agency’s counter-terrorism unit from 2004 to 2006, said the US risked turning Yemen into the “Arabian equivalent of Waziristan”, a reference to the strife-torn Pakistani region.

His comments came after the resignation of the US ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, who is said to have clashed with the CIA over its drone programme. On Sunday, a US drone attack in Yemen killed a top al-Qaida leader who was on the FBI’s most wanted list.

“One wonders how many Yemenis may be moved in future to violent extremism in reaction to carelessly targeted missile strikes, and how many Yemeni militants with strictly local agendas will become dedicated enemies of the West in response to US military actions against them,” Grenier wrote in a comment article for Al Jazeera. – Via pulse

… Yemen was the launching pad for two foiled al-Qaida attacks on US territory: the Christmas 2009 attempt to down an American airliner over Detroit with an underwear bomb, and the sending of printer cartridges packed with explosives to Chicago-area synagogues in 2010.

On Monday, it was disclosed that the CIA thwarted yet another plot by AQAP to destroy a US-bound airliner using a bomb which could have been undetectable by conventional airport scanners.

A would-be suicide bomber tasked with bringing down the passenger jet was in fact a double agent, recruited by Saudi intelligence and in possession of a British passport. …

Via pulse

Why would a double British Saudi agent ( both our friends ) be part of a terrorist plot in Yemen? Is the US trying to manufacture enemies in order justify defense spending?

The double agent who infiltrated Al-Qaeda and helped foil a plot to blow up a US-bound airliner held a British passport in addition to being a Saudi national, CNN reported.

The man was sent by Saudi counterterrorism agents into Yemen as a mole after it was learned that Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was developing an updated model of the underwear bomb that failed to explode in a Christmas Day 2009 attempt.

CNN, citing counterterrorism sources, reported that the man grew up in Europe and at some point fell in with militant sympathizers who tried to recruit him for terror attacks.

It said that the Saudi man’s British passport enhanced his value to the terror group, because he could travel without a visa to the United States.

But when he learned that a concrete terror plot was in the works, the man contacted Saudi counterterrorism officials from Yemen.

The Saudis then informed the Americans of the planned operation and let them know that they had succeeded in infiltrating the group, according to CNN.

The spy spent weeks with the Al-Qaeda affiliate, garnering sensitive information that was passed on to the Americans.

That intelligence allowed the CIA to launch a drone strike on Sunday that killed Fahd al-Quso, a senior Al-Qaeda operative in Yemen wanted for the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole.

A source working closely with US intelligence agencies and the US military also told CNN that the Al-Qaeda chapter in Yemen now has “a whole outfit designated to target the US homeland.”

The new details about the Saudi mole and the failed Al-Qaeda bomb plot come after US spy chief James Clapper earlier this week ordered an inquiry into leaks to media about the top secret operation.

The internal review is being conducted across 16 intelligence agencies, as US officials expressed fear that the disclosures could jeopardize future sensitive espionage work….

Oh, this is not evidence that al Quaeda is a fake enemy created to justify defense spending. The double agent (triple, right? Al Queada, British and Saudi) wasn’t creating terrorists by giving them ideas, recruiting local men in Yemen or acting as an al Quaida leader, he wasn’t an agent provocateur, he was just an infiltrator, just collecting data. He was also not collecting data on what targets would most inflame the locals and thus manufacture enemies of the US, he was finding out who the violent dangerous men are in the area so we could save lives by killing them preemptively by remote control with missiles from drones. Anyone with knowledge of the agent’s actual role in al Queada is now exploded. Makes sense.

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