Drone Hacked over Austin

By | December 13, 2012

Drone Hacked over Austin

Infowars hosted the first ever drone mob this weekend, a citizen protest event where We the People could stand up and say “no” to our government entities spending our taxpayer dollars to upgrade and weaponize drone technology and turn it against us.

While many people came out to fly drones, one man came out to demonstrate that anyone can easily hack and take control of those drones.

Austin, Texas resident George Bliss showed up to the drone mob not with a drone, but with a laptop. Using a free, open source software he downloaded off the internet, Bliss was able to demonstrate how easily anyone can disrupt the signal between drone operator and drone, effectively taking control.

As seen in the video below, with a few keyboard clicks, Bliss was able to cut a drone’s WI-FI signal in seconds and take control of it multiple times.

This is not the first time a drone has been hacked.

Students at the University of Texas were able to take control of an unmanned aerial vehicle in front of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) back in June. With a mere $1,000 in parts, the team built an advanced spoofer to infiltrate drone GPS systems; the team was able to use its spoofer to take control of multiple drones and fly them wherever they chose. Iran also intercepted a top secret CIA RQ-170 stealth drone last year, and officials later admitted Iranians were able to crack the drone’s computers and hijack it. Iran announced it was able to reverse-engineer the drone to build a copy.

President Obama signed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bill in February, streamlining the process for testing and licensing of local, state and federal drones by 2015. The FAA has now predicted that 30,000 surveillance drones are set to fill America’s skies in the next decade. Unfortunately, the FAA has also admitted drone operators have zero privacy obligations to the public. Commercially available drones include features like remote iPad or smart phone control and come equipped with high definition cameras, but these drones are easily modifiable. A wide array of organizations from police departments to the DHS are now using weaponized drone technology here in America. …

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Can your drones protect your house from other drones? How fast are they? What air to air weapons do they have?  What, you don’t even have a drone? Woah, get with the times!

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