Driver reverses car through wall of car park’s seventh story

By | May 1, 2010

Driver reverses car through wall of car park's seventh storey Ralph Huson, 67, managed to get his foot stuck between the brake and the accelerator as he attempted to reverse his white C-class into a space in the Bank of America building’s car park in Tulsa.

Around half a dozen vehicles parked below were hit with bricks from upt to 70 feet in the air, but more damage was averted as the car came to rest with its boot hanging out of the building.

Corporal David Crow, from Tulsa Police Department, told radio station KRMG: “At about 1.50pm this afternoon we had a report of a car hitting the side of a building.

“We didn’t know what that meant but when we got here we saw this Mercedes backed halfway out of a parking spot on the seventh floor of this parking garage.

“The driver got his foot stuck under the accelerator and couldn’t get it unstuck.

“He was coming across the back of the parking garage and he created a little bit of momentum because he went quite a distance and hit this wall and almost came all the way out.”

Cpl Crow added the nobody was hurt during the incident, while the driver also avoided injury.

via Driver reverses car through wall of car park’s seventh storey – Telegraph.

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