Dream: Pete Townsend of The Who Kills Brown Bear in Self Defense

By | October 25, 2008

I saw it from first person at the start. He is walking through the woods, down hill, and he comes upon a brown bear, lying down. He thinks it is a rock or a cow until he is too close.  His momentum brings him face to face with it. A confrontation is inevitable. He nudges the bear with an inflatable object, in hopes it will turn away. It doesn’t. We assume the bear will kill him. But in the next scene he is flying through the air goring the bear from behind with the neck of an electric guitar. The bear is now trying to get away running down a stream. A young Pete Townsend is flying above it, finishing it off, the guitar is now a chainsaw. There is no blood, which I find odd. I wake up. Horrible. I wake up thinking: I guess a chainsaw would be the best weapon in hand to hand combat against a bear… if it had to happen.

From Guitar Player, August 1996

… I’m carrying this ’52 Telecaster. It’s a California guitar. … I play it like a chainsaw, and it’s still beautiful. …. Somebody said to me the other night, “Smash it.” I never would. You have to realize that most of the guitars I’ve smashed have not been perfectly good guitars — they’ve been junk, really. – Pete Townshend

I don’t recall seeing this photo before, but when I googled him, I found Pete, “flying” with a guitar:

Pete Townsend in mid-air

And, oddly enough, in the news is a horrible story of a brown cow being killed in the water because a human interacted with it in a most unsavory manner. My brain, being human, tries to draw connections “to make sense” where there is none. And so, I assume that my dream was a psychic event, that I have been reading the strange news for so long now, that I can anticipate the top strange stories in “visions”.

Of course, interpretation after the fact, or falsely adding meaning, is something our brains just do. It is a mental defect we all have to one degree or another. The significance is something we add. It is an invention, our self delusion. This is why people end up believing some strange things. This little head trip we do ends up reinforcing our pre-held beliefs. We are self brainwashed.

I know I am self deluding, but still there is a part of me that REALLY believes I am actually seeing into the future! This dualism is something my ex girlfriend, the graduate from the Berkeley Psychic Institute, told me she experienced as well. She was skeptical and didn’t believe it, but heck, it just worked. She could do her meditations and “manifest” a parking space.  ( Some of you city folk know that it can take 30 minutes to an hour or more of driving around the same blocks until a parking space is free in some locations.)

My superstitious human mind is still working on the problem as I write this, looking for more connections to prove my theory of my mental greatness. For example, right now I’m thinking that the guy who screwed the cow plays a guitar or has a nose like Pete Townsend’s.

Anyway, my apologies to Mr. Townsend for getting him involved in this. Dreams just happen.

The point is, we must be smart enough to recognize that we can create self fulfilling prophecies. This is why Sarah Palin thinking we are in The Last Days is more than a little frightening. What I’m saying is, a leader’s pre existing belief in impending doom can cause the leader to make decisions which  “make it so.”

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  1. Ann

    Parapsychologists have long noted (maybe for about 30 years and later confirmed) that in laboratory work checking for esp/psi type of events they would more likely get significant positive results among believers as opposed to those who refuse to even keep an open mind about the paranormal.

    About dreams: you know, of course, that your awareness extends further than what you consciously perceive. All that stuff that bombards us everyday, which we may not even pay too much interest in, accumulates and reformulates itself, in our unconscious: stuff from which dreams are made. Of course, Jung had his theories on dreams and a collective unconscious, but I don’t know if I would go that far.

    You can cultivate your ability to perceive the world and people around you and even make others think you are “sensitive” and have certain abilities that others don’t have. But, this isn’t “paranormal.” I personally knew an elderly woman who had this ability and surprised her friends and others who came to her for advise thinking she was clairvoyant or something similar. Although, she told me privately, she wasn’t. She never wanted to acknowledge, at least to me, any paranormal ability. Yet, I found out she had dreams that foretold specific events in detail – one of which was a murder of her friend 100s of miles away, which was later documented and confirmed.

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