Dozens of Major Cities Under Water this Century.

By | March 24, 2006

Dozens of Major Cities Under Water this CenturyTime to sell your ocean-front property. If you are close to the ocean but at over 20ft above sea level, your property value may soar.? I’m at (50 ft) above sea level and a few hours away from San Francisco. Awesome. I’ll be rich.

“If current temperature trends continue to the end of the century, the Earth’s climate will be warm enough to cause a massive melting of Greenland’s ice sheet and a partial collapse of the Antarctic ice sheet, resulting in a torrent of melt water that will raise global sea levels by up to six metres (20 ft), according to a pair of new research papers.

The increase in ocean levels would devastate low-lying coastal areas, put dozens of major cities under water, and become irreversible at some point later this century “unless something is done to dramatically reduce human emissions of greenhouse gas pollution,” warns Jonathan Overpeck, a professor at the University of Arizona and one of the researchers. He said that if serious efforts to limit global warming are not taken soon, “we’re committed to four to six metres of sea-level rise in the future.” – GAM

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