No Vote on the Cybersecurity Act of 2009

By | September 5, 2009

3289390148_b2337bbdbe_oShelly Roche is the CTO of BreakTheMatrix, the founder of Plenticulture, a frequent contributor to Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano on, and writes for her own blog at ByteStyle. In an email, Roche said that S.773 puts private companies at great risk …Roche’s concerns center around the unclear language in the bill. Currently the government has no plans in regards to cybersecurity, and the position of cybersecurity coordinator is empty.

“From an IT perspective, the more decentralized the control is, the more difficult it is to hack,” explains Roche. “If common practices are forced on private companies via a federal certification program, hackers will have a road map that, once deconstructed, could unlock every compliant network. Since there are no specifics provided in the bill regarding these certifications, it’s difficult to comment on the likely outcome, but passing ambiguously-worded legislation only opens the door for misinterpretation, rushed “solutions” that would decrease security, or abuse in the future.”

Better Cybersecurity = Great idea! Yes!

Government run Cybersecurity = No waaaaay!

The freedom of expression of future generations depends on your acting now to oppose this bill. Even if Obama doesn’t abuse this power, future administrations will.

“A reworded version of the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 could give the President a kill-switch to shut down online traffic, even cut off private networks like the electric grid from the internet in case of an emergency. Critics blasted the first version of the Senate as a dangerous government intrusion.” – cbs19tv

S.773 is currently a draft bill. Good news. S.773 is only 55 pages so many members of Congress may read it. … S.778 creates within the Executive Office of the President, the Office of National Cybersecurity Advisor. This advisor is positioned; it seems, to be another Czar.  A Czar is specially designed to operate outside of normal channels, checks and balances so as to be able to get things done quickly. This Czar will administer the agency formed by S.773.   … The bill does not explain what constitutes a Cyber Emergency. Who will define one? What is it? How often do they come along? … The bill does not define whether the Cyber Security Professional will be an employee of the government or the organization running the network.  … The bill does not specify what would trigger a government disconnect of a public or private network …

If Twitter being shut down for two hours is the price of freedom, I’ll pay it. If some citizen in 2013 tries to alert  everyone to a real alien invasion (or incoming meteor, attack by another country, cure for cancer, free energy solution, etc.)  you do not want some future Government to have the ability to stop the truth from spreading by hitting the kill switch.

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