Doppelganger Series by photographer François Brunelle

By | January 3, 2013

Canadian photographer François Brunelle puts together this series of strange coincidences. Unrelated, total strangers to each other, he sought out pairs who looked uncannily alike and shot them side by side. The series entitled, ‘I’m Not a Look-Alike!’, came from an obsession with the idea that everyone on earth has a doppelganger, with the hope of shooting 200 couples and turning the results into a book and exhibition. While some are a little bit of a stretch others definitely fall under the ‘Twilight Zone’ Category. Judge for yourself, ‘classic’ poses and all, in the gallery.

more here: Doppelganger Series by photographer François Brunelle • Selectism.

Woah, that’s wild. How do you find your doppleganger? You could buy the t-shirt: Are You My Doppleganger?

Or perhaps use that face lookup software used by the Department of Homeland Security… Which brings up the scary possibility of you being arrested for something your doppleganger did.

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