Jason Mraz: Saturday Night Live Videos

By | February 1, 2009

Jason Mraz: Saturday Night Live VideosHere are some videos of our friend Jason on SNL last night. Here are some low-fi captures:

You are using the Firefox browser with the Video DownloadHelper add on that lets you download videos, right?

NBC might get most posted videos pulled down.  They don’t seem to have their own posted. Here are some uncensored reviews of the SNL show itself.

I wrote and sang a song with a cheerleader at my high school graduation and got in the local newspaper, but even there I was no Jason Mraz: He WAS a cheerleader.

There are many vids of various quality on Photobucket, but I haven’t found SNL yet. Some good stuff, however, like this version of  Geek in the Pink where you can actually hear all the lyrics clearly.

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is a popular Virginia-born pop singer-songwriter, whose debut single “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)” became a hit in 2002. That song, along with his second single, “I’ll Do Anything” helped push the album to platinum status by 2004.

Fast Facts

  1. Full name: Jason Thomas Mraz
  2. Born: June 23, 1977
  3. Birthplace: Mechanicsville, VA
  4. Career: 1999 – present
  5. Studio Albums: 3
  6. San Diego Music Awards: 3
  7. Dated Tristan Prettyman
  8. Supports bootlegging of his shows
  9. Was a cheerleader in high school1
  10. Musical Guest for SNL on January 31, 2009

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