Dominican migrant: We ate human flesh to survive

By | November 5, 2008

gregorio marizan. copyright Samantha Dash.jpg

…  After a day and a half, the smaller of the boat’s two engines began malfunctioning and an argument broke out among the passengers about whether to give up and go back. The captain, fearful of the police, wanted to press on to the U.S. territory. On the sixth day, a passenger died. On the seventh night, the captain disappeared — whether he swam off to find help or was thrown off by another passenger, Maria Marizan could not say.

Drinking bits of sea and rainwater, those left behind held on as long as they could, but one after another the passengers began to die — among them, Maria Marizan’s brother Emmanuel. It was just a day before they would finally be rescued that the fisherman and his four fellow survivors turned to their last resort: eating a man who had just died.

“It’s like beef, almost the same,” Maria Marizan said. “At the skin there is like half an inch of yellow fat, then the fibers.”

On Saturday, a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter rescued Maria Marizan, his brother Saulo, a father and son and a woman. The woman died Sunday at the same hospital where Maria Marizan is recovering. – msnbc

Horrible but … interesting. Like beef, eh? Well, now you know. I expected it would be the worst taste a human could taste, completely wretched as a matter of evolutionary prohibition against doing it. I guess not. Perhaps some of our ancient ancestors had to eat eachother at times to survive. Freaky.

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