Doll wars

By | May 30, 2009


A battle is brewing between the makers of rival high-end custom sex dolls.

Matt McMullen, owner of Abyss Creations, which produces Real Dolls, says a former co-worker ripped off his idea, duplicating the business he worked so hard to start.

“Real Doll is a very realistic, life-size, anatomically correct silicon person,” McMullen says.

The dolls don’t come cheap, though. It costs about $6,500 to own one of McMullen’s “Real Dolls.” McMullen created the vixens nearly 12 years ago and now produces them in his San Marcos, Calif., workshop.

“There was no doll like this in the world when I came out with it,” he claims.

But McMullen is facing major competition from his former friend and colleague Matt Krivicke. Krivicke ran McMullen’s company for about two years, and last September he launched Lovable Dolls out of his garage.

“They’re used for anything you can imagine … and beyond,” Krivicke says. “Somehow the Lovable Doll looks sharper … more in focus.”

Now the two are facing off in court. Krivicke says McMullen owes him “$30,000 to $100,000” from the time that he worked for McMullen. McMullen has filed a countersuit claiming Krivicke ripped off his ideas.

“It’s the worst betrayal of my life,” McMullen states. “With forethought and with planning, he used my company’s resources and knowledge and customer base to form his own company while he was

still working here.”

But Krivicke counters, “All of the internal stuff from my doll is completely different what the Abyss dolls are.” The trial is set for September in a North County, Calif., court. In the meantime, both men will continue creating their dolls.

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$6,500? All three of these dolls seem pretty real to me, once you get them running and put them on FOX … although you could tell the one on the left in the red dress has a bad motivator.

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