Does Memory Reside Outside the Brain?

By | December 12, 2009

Does Memory Reside Outside the Brain

After decades of investigation, scientists are still unable to explain why no part of the brain seems responsible for storing memories.

Most people assume that our memories must exist somewhere inside our heads. But try as they might, medical investigators have been unable to determine which cerebral region actually stores what we remember. Could it be that our memories actually dwell in a space outside our physical structure?

Biologist, author, and investigator Dr. Rupert Sheldrake notes that the search for the mind has gone in two opposite directions. While a majority of scientists have been searching inside the skull, he looks outside.

According to Sheldrake, author of numerous scientific books and articles, memory does not reside in any geographic region of the cerebrum, but instead in a kind of field surrounding and permeating the brain. Meanwhile, the brain itself acts as a “decoder” for the flux of information produced by the interaction of each person with their environment.

In his paper “Mind, Memory, and Archetype Morphic Resonance and the Collective Unconscious” published in the journal Psychological Perspectives, Sheldrake likens the brain to a TV set—drawing an analogy to explain how the mind and brain interact. …

Sheldrake goes on to further refute the notion of memory being contained within the brain, referring to key experiments which he believes have been misinterpreted. These experiments have patients vividly recall scenes of their past when areas of their cerebrum were electrically stimulated.

While these researchers concluded that the stimulated areas must logically correspond to the contained the memory, Sheldrake offers a different view as he revisits the television analogy:  “… if I stimulated the tuning circuit of your TV set and it jumped onto another channel, this wouldn’t prove the information was stored inside the tuning circuit,” he writes….

via Epoch Times – Does Memory Reside Outside the Brain?.

Nah.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. It seems pretty clear that memory storage is in the brain, but there is also the idea that memories can be stored in other organs.

Cellular memory is the hypothesis that such things as memories, habits, interests, and tastes may somehow be stored in all the cells of human bodies, not only in the brain.The suggestion is based largely around anecdotal evidence of organ transplants after which the recipient was reported to have developed new habits or memories.[1]wiki

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    Let’s see some evidence please, for these morphic fields and rats which learn faster because other rats somewhere else learned a trick. His “paper” doesn’t even cite references let alone document experiments; it could be just wishful thinking.

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