China’s Baigong pipes, “alien” anti-clogging technology or natural formations?

By | January 3, 2009

This story is from 2002, but I missed it then and it is still mysterious and interesting.

Were anti-clogging pipes created and embedded in a pyramid leading to a nearby lake by an advanced civilization in one of the planet’s most inhospitable locations thousands of years before modern human smelting methods were developed? Or is this some curious geological phenomenon?

The pipes were first discovered by a group of U.S. scientists on the trail of dinosaur fossils, who reported them to the local authorities in Delingha. They were ignored until a report, possibly one of six made, by Ye Zhou, appeared in the “Henan Dahe Bao” in June of 2002. – wiki

The widespread news of mysterious iron pipes at the foot of Mount Baigong, located in the depths of the Qaidam Basin, Qinghai Province, has roused concern from related departments.

Some experts believe that these might be relics left behind by extraterrestrial beings (ET), for the site, with its high altitude and thin, crisp air, has long been held as an ideal place to practice astronomy.

Three caves are found at the foot of Mount Baigong. Two of them have collapsed and are inaccessible. The middle one is the biggest, with its floor standing two meters above the ground and its top eight meters above the ground.

This cave is about six meters in depth, a little like a cave dug out by human beings, with pure sand and rock inside.

What is astonishing is inside for there is a half-pipe about 40 centimeters in diameter tilting from the top to the inner end of the cave. Another pipe of the same diameter goes into the earth with only its top visible above the ground.

At the opening of the cave there are a dozen pipes at the diameter between 10 and 40 centimeters run into the mount straightly, showing high fixing technique. 80 meters away from the caves is the shimmering Toson Lake, on whose beach 40 meters away, many iron pipes can be found scattered on sands and rocks. They run in the east-west direction with a diameter between 2 and 4.5 centimeters. They are of various strange shapes and the thinnest is like a toothpick, but not blocked inside after years of sand movement.

More strange is that there are also some pipes in the lake, some reaching above water surface and some buried below, with similar shapes and thickness with those on the beach.

via Rense

Aliens or not, notice the shape. The “pipe” is not round. Speculation: Could this be on purpose? Is this odd “throat” shape an ancient secret to keeping pipes form clogging? The way I see it, if the big part of the passage got plugged, the flow would still go through the smaller two groves and this would eventually wear down the clog, automatically unstopping it. Built in self-healing?

A few important facts are missing from the article. How straight is the “pipe”, for example? How smooth? Is it all solid iron? Are there fasteners connecting different lengths?

Where are the pictures? The photos included here are the only two I could find with a Google image search on 1-2-09.

Ah, just had to search in some other places … but still, this is the only other photo I can find. Does anyone have a link to this video?


Hard to tell if this is perfectly round. More data needed. One geologist writes:

“It is likely that the ‘pipes’ are hydrothermal or other groundwater deposits of an iron mineral(s). While I have not researched it thoroughly, that is my sense of these phenomena, given decades of training and experience as a geologist. I would like to see a more detailed chemical assay of the formations. Of course, additional pictures and maps would add extra dimensions to the info.” – su

Here is another summary of the pipes:

The Baigong Pipes are a series of pipe-like features found on and near Mount Baigong about 40 km southeast of the city of Delingha, in the Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China. The Baigong Pipes are reported to be associated with a “pyramid” about 50 to 60 meters (160 to 200 feet high) built on Mount Baigong. The front of the “pyramid” is reported to contain three caves. The mouths of the two smaller caves have collapsed. Only the largest cave, which is 6 meters (18 feet) high, can be entered. Two Baigong Pipes have been reported from the largest cave. One of these is described as being 40 cm (16 in) in diameter and preserved as a reddish-brown “half-pipe”. Within the same cave, another pipe-like feature of similar diameter was also found. “Dozens” of upright pipe-like features, about 10 to 40 cm (4 to 16 inches) in diameter, were also found protruding from Mount Baigong above the largest cave. – krb

Lonely planet has a very nice write up that seems objective and has more details:

… According to the Xinhua news, results of preliminary rock and metal analysis show the pipes are 30 per cent ferric oxide, with high content of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide; eight per cent of the sample’s makeup was categorized “unidentifiable”. Engineer Liu Shaolin from Xitieshan Smelting Plant who carried out the analysis says the levels of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide point to the pipes being on the mountainside for a long time – although his estimate was significantly more recent than the U.S. scientists’ original theory that the iron was 300,000 years old. Liu found that it was 5000 years old; impressive, considering modern human smelting methods date back a mere 2000 years.

“The results have made the site even more mysterious,” says Qin. Then again, counters Lanzhou journalist Ye, he would say that. “The Delingha government is billing it as tourist attraction,” he says. “There’s already a road sign pointing the way to the E.T. relics, and they’ve got it in their investment and tourism guides.”

Thinking of going to see the pipes? Good luck. Delingha county is closed to foreigners. (Sept 2005 comment) And besides, the area is so cold and the air is so thin that nothing supposedly lives within 500 miles of it (?)

Here is the lake from space (NASA/USGS photo). You do see the huge Grey alien head under the water with the two blue eyes at the top of the image, right? 😉


Qinghai Lake one of the largest salt-water lakes in the world.

7 thoughts on “China’s Baigong pipes, “alien” anti-clogging technology or natural formations?

  1. Robert Fowler

    Recommend: Check for radiation! The claim is that the site (and Pipes) are very old, perhaps several hundred thousand years.
    1) “Someone” did something here. There is ample evidence.
    2) Perhaps (!) when they finished, they decided to cover up the possible danger or evidence.
    3) They dumped dirt on everything leaving a mound (pyramid?).
    4) We have encased a power plant at Chernobyl, Ukraine.
    5) If things had gotten out of hand, or if they were simply finished with the work, why not do the same?
    6) Radiation Analysis would give an idea of decay times, thus establishing a time frame.


  2. vannrox

    Natural formations are rarely angular. Furthermore, the “pipes” come in defined discrete sizes. As if there has been some kind of standardization at work. For this to be a natural formation, we would be rather hard pressed to find similarity in the shapes and orientations, unless they were due to the overall geometric atomic level lattice structures formed under pressure and temperature extremes.
    OF course it is possible that these formations were human made in the great antiquity. but the question then arises, why? By whom? And Why? A Composition such as is indicated indicates a great need for corrosive properties. So then why is yet another question.
    Until a defined geological process is associated with the formations of these structures, the only possible answer to the cause of this formation would be by an animal of some type for reasons yet unknown. Whether the animal is human, proto-human, not sentient earth native, or EBE is completely inconclusive.
    The limited information placed in this article is yet a tease of the far greater mysteries that lie dormant in the mountainous structure. What i can say with certainly is this…
    The Chinese government sent a preliminary party of skilled professional geologists up to the site. They reported on what they found to the government. The results were not made public. Soon afterward, a complete team of investigators, that included anthropologists and material engineers, followed to the region. Their work, conclusions, results and studies are all censored and are not available to the public.
    Think what you might. But certainly, a preliminary team of geologists decided that anthropologists and material engineers needed to investigate the site. This should be of great interest to anyone who wishes to study this issue.

    1. David

      “the only possible answer to the cause of this formation would be by an animal of some type”

      You haven’t studied much geology have you? Mother Nature is WAY stranger than human creations. And yes, she does quite often make formations which are the same identical shape, same size, a variety of sizes in the same location … but appearing to have a “system” … and arrangements in the same direction.

      I’m not going to list exacts, since it’s better that a person actually study the facts on their own. But I will say howeve, that many very famous examples of this natural & seemingly exact geometric exist on every single continent, in many types of formations & materials.

  3. Shainecox

    I could hardly believe the thought that this is a mere phenomenon, The fact that the pipes are both present in the Mountain and in the lake seem to rule out the idea of a natural abundance of the pipes. unless those pipes got thirsty, walked out into the lake and placed themselves upright for 5000 years.. Let’s not forget iron or whatever the pipes are said to be made of, do not naturally form in water.

  4. Robby Haines

    Go to Google map and look it up. There is a farming village to the North West. When you lie about no one living within 500 miles you cause EVERYTHING to be doubted.

  5. RedPorch

    The Baigong pipes correspond to the stone toilets on Mars. Apparently it is an error in creation; a being in a high creation place went to 25,000 years before the 20th century (1980s AD) (science erroneously over-calculates this by 6 fold to 150,000 years, due to not understanding quantum tunneling). The creative being thought they had quantum tunneled to a hillside by the ‘north’ of the planet Mars and moved pipes to a plateau in Baigong instead, and stopped when they realized that there were 2 proto-Chinese male humans, in pale blue woven linen, watching the unusual sight, and humans aren’t on Mars. Some of the pipes are radioactive because the creation being had taken the matter-form of abandoned pipes from a lower realm of a destroyed Earth of the late 20th century, supposedly from devolved worlds destroyed by radioactive war. I presume that the pipes correspond to designs of late 20th century Los Angeles California designs. The goal was to connect pipes to toilets in some form of creation space that never perfected for this Earth. The stretched rocks are what happens in the presence of quantum tunneling events incomplete.

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