Do cell phones cause cancer?

By | January 22, 2013

Do cell phones cause cancer?Do cell phones cause cancer?  There was a big study of cell phones that found no cancer (brain, nerve, salivary and leukemia anyway):

… the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of a massive study in Denmark that followed the cancer histories of 420,000 cell phone users over 13 years.

The study’s main interest was to search for increased incidences of brain or nervous system cancers, salivary gland cancer, and leukemia. The study concluded:

Risk for these cancers … did not vary by duration of cellular telephone use, time since first subscription, age at first subscription, or type of cellular telephone (analogue or digital). Analysis of brain and nervous system tumors showed no statistically significant [standardized incidence ratios] for any subtype or anatomic location. The results of this investigation … do not support the hypothesis of an association between use of these telephones and tumors of the brain or salivary gland, leukemia, or other cancers.

The lack of any connection is not surprising, given that no plausible hypothesis exists for how a cell phone could cause tissue damage. RF below the visible spectrum, which includes the frequencies used by cell phones and all radio devices, is not ionizing radiation and so has no potential to damage living cells or break any chemical bonds. Microwave ovens, which operate just above cell phones on the frequency scale, work by oscillating such an extremely powerful field back and forth, causing the water molecules to rub against each other and create heat by friction. Cell phone signals are three orders of magnitude weaker, too weak to move the water molecules, and do not oscillate to cause friction. Scratch the heat hypothesis, scratch the ionizing radiation hypothesis, and there are no plausible alternatives. Of course it’s not possible to prove that there is no potential for harm, but all sources of harm known or theorized to date are clearly excluded. …

One doctor says we haven’t studied breast cancer effects of cell phones yet:

Is there a link between breast cancer and cell phones? Some doctors say they’re seeing evidence of breast cancer that could be connected to where some women  keep their mobile phone–in their bras. Tiffany Franz got breast cancer at just 21-years-old. She had no genetic predispositions or other risk factors–except where she kept her cell phone.

“It just so happened her tumors were exactly where her cell phone had been against her skin her bare skin for about six years,” Traci Frantz, Tiffany’s mom, told KTVU in Oakland.

Tiffany had to have her left breast removed. Donna Jayes also got breast cancer. While she was a bit older, her late 30′s, she also had no genetic risk factors. The connection is where the tumors developed. Her doctor says they formed just under the skin, exactly matching her cell phone, and just under the surface of her skin.

She says she kept her phone in her shirt for ten years. She later had a mastectomy. Breast surgeon Lisa Bailey told KTVU phone-related breast cancer may be common. Saying it mayb be the heat of the battery of the radio frequency of the radiation that makes keeping a phone directly on the skin risky.

“These young breast in the early evolution are more sensitive to changes that might lead to cancer,” Bailey said.

Nevertheless, bras are now be marketed for the express purpose of carrying cell phones, with little pockets built-in to hold cell phones. Other breast cancer specialist are now speaking out as well. Dr. John West says men who keep their phones in their shirt pockets are also at risk. The wireless industry, meanwhile, denies any problem, citing a lack of scientific evidence that cellphones cause breast cancer. Those concerned doctors though say it’s because not enough studies have been completed.

“There’s no evidence, but that’s because we haven’t studied it,” Bailey said. “Until further data either supports it or disproves it, I would keep cell phones away from the body, in particular the breasts,” adds Dr. June Chen, a Breast Cancer Radiologist.

Our skulls are thick enough, perhaps, to protect our brains from the very weak microwave radiation cell phones emit.

The wireless companies are denying any link between their products and an increase in cancer. They may have a point. Many people, men and women, keep cell phones in their pants pockets. No links to cancer in the hip bones or genital cancers are attributed to cell phones, so why breast tissue? Maybe breast tissue is more sensitive to changes than the tissue in our thighs and backsides. … WHO classifies cell phones as potentially carcinogenic. The IARC lists it as a class 2B. This means that the phones might cause cancer but there is no concrete evidence to show that this is true. More research is needed to make a hard fast link between the two.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but what if they are right? Could keeping a cell phone in your bra give you breast cancer? As a breast cancer patient still going through treatment, I would not want to risk it.

Then again, one guy says there is no safe amount and he should know since he worked on microwave weapons for British military intelligence. Barrie Trower says microwaves replaced radio waves because they penetrate houses … and people. He claims there are thousands of papers including a T-mobile funded study that shows that low level microwaves cause cancer and other injury. It starts as immune system suppression, then brain symptoms such as depression and loss of sleep, followed by lymphoblastic leukemia if you are unlucky.

Trower adds that sickness due to exposure to microwave radiation was first seen and reported back in 1932, when it was identified as ’microwave or radio wave sickness.’ Among the symptoms of such sickness, experts have found severe tiredness, fatigue, fitful sleep, headaches, intolerability and high susceptibility to infection. The symptoms, he says, are a consequence of the athermal effects of the radiation; that is, the effects the radiation has without emitting or exposing the victims to any kind of noticeable heat waves.

In his document prepared for the Kind of Botswana, Trower cites the example of the US Embassy in Moscow, which was irradiated with low level microwave energy during the Cold War. The consequences of this radiation, says Trower, were multiple cancers, leukaemias and other illnessess that appeared among Embassy workers and their relatives.

Regarding exposure to people and especially children to low levels of Wi Fi radiation, Trower said: “That’s wrong”, as he asserted there are no safe levels of exposure to that kind of radiation. According to his research and the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Guidelines, children, the elderly and people with poor health are the most likely to have less tolerance to Wi Fi radiation, that is why he considers it inadmissible to promote the installation of Wi Fi technology in highly populated areas or places like schools, where children spend a great deal of time.

Barrie Trower, a British physicist who carried out research for the Royal Navy and military intelligence into the effects of microwave radiation, has come out of retirement to exhort bodies such as Health Canada to heed his life’s work.–u-k-expert-warns-against-wi-fi

Others disagree with Trower:

The claim by Trower that Wi-Fi can cause DNA damage is based on a study that was later withdrawn because of scientific fraud. No properly conducted scientific studies have ever demonstrated DNA damage or any other serious effect from microwaves within existing safety standards. Virtually all of the public health authorities of the industrialized world including the World Health Organization, and Health Canada have reviewed the scientific literature and concluded that there is no credible evidence that Wi-Fi, cell phones, etc. cause health effects.

However, looking at the link the head of the ethics committee that found the data was fabricated was a lawyer for the telecom industry. Either the data was falsified, or good scientists were discredited and fired due to industry pressure.

Rüdiger says he initially agreed to withdraw both papers based on the ethics committee’s findings. But several days later, he discovered that the chair of the ethics committee was a lawyer who had worked for a telecom company. He also says that Kratochvil denies any wrongdoing.

Are people getting worked up about nothing? Trower says every single phone call is recorded and logged by governments. They don’t want to lose this ability or the location technology that allows them to track everyone with a cell phone. Then there is the fact that this is a three trillion dollar per year industry giving the financial incentive to hide negative health effects.

So, I’d like to read some of these thousands of papers of which Trower speaks. Are they available?

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