Discovery: Alien of the Deep

By | November 29, 2008

Shell Oil Company accidentally films a sea monster at a depth of 2.5km.

National Geographic news 24/11/08, reported the discovery of a previously unseen species of squid. The odd, “elbowed” squid was filmed 11/11/07, at a depth of 2.5 kilometres by the Shell Oil Company who were using an ROV (Remotely operated vehicle) in the Gulf of Mexico.


The squid appears to be a relative of “Magnapinna” squid – or “Bigfin” squid – first discovered in 2001, sightings of which are extremely rare – no adult samples have yet been scientifically examined.

There is something truly fascinating about these secretive creatures.

Wild! If only we could get a shot this clear of bigfoot or some aliens.

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