Did Israel use “cancer bombs” in recent Gaza attack?

By | February 5, 2009

Doctors treating survivors of Israel’s recent attack on Gaza say they have never seen certain kinds of injuries before: a Norwegian doctor described wounds that appear to have been caused by a mine detonating – yet there is no shrapnel. A German doctor treating survivors in southern Gaza says that tiny particles can be found eating away at organs, rendering treatment ineffective. So what kind of weapon caused these injuries? Conn Hallinan is an analyst at Foreign Policy in Focus, and next week, he will publish a piece outlining what he says is Israel’s use of so-called “focused lethality” weapons – that is, a type of weapon that causes shattering injuries on its victims with minimal explosive damage. Israel has so far denied allegations that it’s used these focused lethality weapons. It also initially denied using white phosphorus during its recent incursion into Gaza – citing their adherence to international law. Israel was later forced to admit that they did, in fact, use the devise after eye-witness accounts confirmed it. In this FSRN exclusive, Hallinan talks about the destruction the weapon causes.

via Did Israel use “cancer bombs” in recent Gaza attack?–15:44 minute version | FSRN.

I hope this story turns out to be false. Humans have disgusted me so many times tonight as I read and avoided posting various gross and depressing accounts of brutality around the planet.  There is still plenty of good, if you look, but a showdown of self-loathing is brewing. The fighting in Gaza is, after all, only humans hating and killing other humans.

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