Did grapefruit juice kill Michael Jackson?

By | June 30, 2009

Jacko’s heirs may have to sing for their supperMichael Jackson’s death could have been caused by grapefruit juice – at least that’s one of the more bizarre theories circulating on the web.

The singer was, on the advice of a nutritionist, drinking up to 2litres a day of a grapefruit-rich smoothie for three weeks while he rehearsed for his London concerts.

He is also rumoured to have been addicted to the narcotic painkiller pethidine.

But grapefruit juice contains a substance which stops the liver breaking down pethidine into safe by-products, meaning Jacko could have been unaware a lethal dose of the drug was building up in his blood. This inadvertent overdose would also explain why his breathing was reported to have slowed before his death and tie in with his cause of death, a heart attack.

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