Denver UFOs Still Have The Mile-High City Abuzz

By | December 2, 2012

Denverufo3In early November, FOX TV affiliate, KDVR presented a series of videos, taken by an anonymous source, which purported to show UFOs buzzing around, maneuvering up and down, right and left at dazzling speeds — all allegedly not visible to the naked eye, only by video after it was slowed down.

Theories, including alien ships, military drones and insects have buzzed around the Internet in the past few weeks, and oddly, there still seems to be a mystery surrounding the identification of these objects — despite the fact that, upon first glance, the videos appear to show flying bugs.


“I watched their video and slowed it down, and it took me a good three hours to get through it at the speed I was playing it,” said Bryan Bonner, co-founder of the 15-year-old Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society. “It seems to be a combination. Yes, there are bugs, but there are some obvious birds in there, too. You can see wings flapping.”

Bonner and his team approach their investigations of things like UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, psychics and urban legends with a totally skeptical focus.

“We’ve branded ourselves as paranormal claims investigators. A lot of people go in and look for UFOs. Well, not much research can be done when you’ve already decided what’s there,” Bonner told The Huffington Post.

“This Denver case is a great example. If I went in knowing that those were UFOs in the video, I shouldn’t have even bothered going down there. But if I go in there with a completely open mind, a little critical thought goes a long way. We just want the truth,” Bonner said.

When the story first broke, KDVR news reporter Heidi Hemmat presented videos reportedly shot from a hillside looking toward downtown Denver. Even though she said the alleged UFOs were “flying too fast to see with the naked eye,” nobody seems to have asked the basic question: If that’s true, what, in fact, was the anonymous videographer doing there in the first place? What was his original motivation for bringing his video equipment to that location? Did he have a premonition that told him he’d be able to videotape UFOs if he showed up every day? …

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