Dead baby hidden in plane hand luggage

By | January 12, 2009

Dead baby hidden in plane hand luggage

PAPAU New Guinea police have arrested a woman attempting to carry a dead baby in her hand luggage on an internal flight. Police in PNG capital Port Moresby were called to the airport today when security discovered the dead baby in the woman’s traditional string bag.

The unnamed woman’s husband fled the scene while police made the arrest, police sources said. The couple had wrapped the body of a dead baby in a cloth and was put inside the bilum (string bag) when boarding an Airlines PNG flight from Port Moresby to Lae.

The woman did not have any documents that are required to transport a dead body on a plane. Authorities could not confirm whether the woman was related to the baby. Chief executive officer of PNG airports Clement Kapapal confirmed a dead baby had been discovered by security.

Last week police arrested a PNG Highlands man for having a rocket launcher and nine grenades in his luggage when travelling on a flight to Mt Hagen police station.

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