Day two of the iphone, free speech to text and barcode scanning

By | December 9, 2009

Day TWO of the iPhone.  This is my first post from my iPhone.

Learned how to move the cursor the right place in text (somewhat challenging), learn how to copy text and paste text from one application to another. (The iPhone has an invisible “clipboard” just like your computer.)

I’m now using DragonDictate a free app which types what I say. It’s awesome that I can talk and see a transcription, however, there are many frustrating things about it. I spend about the same time correcting as if i’d just typed on the slow little keyboard .

One of the coolest things I figured out tonight, is how to use an application called QuickMark to scan barcodes. Under settings you have to set barcode type to EAN 8/13. For the search URL enter this:

This wordpress app keeps deleting what I save! I’ ve had to re enter this three times.

Oh, then I found an app called ShopSavvy which is much easier and gives local and web prices as well as reviews. Now I understand what someone meant when they said they were going around scanning every barcode they could find in their home.  This app looks like it could definitely save me some money.

ShopSavvy™ informs the shopper. It bridges the gap between shopping online and shopping at the store. With ShopSavvy™ userso can scan the barcode of any product using their phone’s built-in camera. Once scanned, it will search for all the best prices on the internet and at nearby, local stores.

So, if you have an iPhone and you get this free ShopSavvy app by searhing for that name in the iTunes Store, you would be able to run the app, point your iPhone camera at the picture of the bar code above, and tell what product this is! Slick. You’d also find out a secret about me. Give it a try. Post a comment if you figure it out.

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    I did not need the Iphone app for that you gave the url.

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