» ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Scene Eerily Shows “Sandy Hook” Written on Map

By | December 18, 2012

» ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Scene Eerily Shows “Sandy Hook” Written on Map

Bizarre evidence that the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut may have been staged has surfaced in the form of YouTube videos which point out the words “Sandy Hook” were written on a map that appeared in the most recent Dark Knight movie, a startling revelation given the deluge of mysterious coincidences already plaguing the movie.

According to numerous YouTube videos, a scene appears in which Commissioner Gordon points at a Gotham City map and confusingly, directly to the words “Sandy Hook.” At least one user who tried to upload a similar video pointing out this curious coincidence had it strangely removed.

Another YouTube video asserts that the word “Aurora” also appeared in the movie, further fanning the flames of conspiracy swirling about the movie.

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Has anyone confirmed this is in the real movie footage?


8 thoughts on “» ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Scene Eerily Shows “Sandy Hook” Written on Map

  1. arjay001

    Anyone?? Looking on the web….

    People are saying it is BS.
    lots of comments are being blocked. From what I see, comments stating it is false are blocked or labled as spam.
    lots of popups and “unsafe” warnings from virus program while looking.

  2. Will

    I just rented the movie, I can confiirm with absolure certainty it is there at 1 hour 58 minutes and 41 seconds, plain as day.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Thanks, wow. We need a contact in the prop dept for that movie. Ask where they got the map and look at it carefully. Just because Sandy Hook is on the map in the movie does not mean it is on the physical map that was used as a prop. Could be CG, added at some point. If so, when, and by whom?

      1. Will

        Yeah, its creepy, and to think people online are claiming it isn’t there… mis-informationists trying to conceal and cry conspiracy theory.

        1. Xeno Post author

          Who is saying that it isn’t there? Oh, I found one person, but that was because his version of the movie was too low resolution to see it.

          Found this blog with more claims of a government conspiracy, 2nd shooter, etc.:


          Makes me want to rent the movie in BlueRay and go over it frame by frame for a possible third mass murder location. Anyone already ahead of me on that angle?

  3. Will

    I watched the Blu-ray yesterday and the only other “names” or “words” shown in any part of the movie that I saw were:
    Fort Clinton
    Red Hook
    Colgate Heights,
    Colgate Park
    Columbia Pt
    Rapid City

    So if anything happens in any of these places in the future we will definitely have something to talk about!

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