Cyclone lashes Australia, thousands likely homeless

By | March 20, 2006

Cyclone lashes Australia thousands likely homelessPictures here. With 180 MPH winds it is amazing no one was killed.

“CAIRNS, Australia?– The most powerful storm to hit Australia in decades laid waste to its northeastern coast on Monday, mowing down sugar and banana plantations and leaving possibly thousands of people homeless. But there were no reports of serious injuries, reflecting the preparedness of residents in the storm-prone region.” – CANADA

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  1. purplejames

    With homelessness on the increase please spare a thought for all the people out there without a roof over there heads speicialy with all the wild weather that where getting at the moment. The Gold Coast Homelessness Network has launched Homeless Connect – a 1day free event aimed at bringing together volunteers, government and agency workers so that homeless people can be connected to available services.
    Please visit our appeal blog for more info and to be part of this worth while cause..

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