Crop Circle News: Sheriffs seek UFO, possibly with soybeans attached

By | August 25, 2006

Crop Circle News Sheriffs seek UFO possibly with soybeans attached

August 25, 2006 (GENESEO, Ill.) – When farmer Jim Stahl approached the Henry County Sheriff’s Department to report mysterious damage to his soybeans, officers decided to have a little fun. The department issued a news release describing the strange crop circles. The release then says, in part, “So, if anyone happens to see a U-F-O or any other suspicious vehicle with soybeans attached, please call the sheriff’s office.” But for some researchers, the crop circles in Stahl’s beans are no laughing matter. BLT Research, a nonprofit group based in Massachusetts, sent a member out to gather samples from his field. BLT has been investigating crop circles for 15 years. President Nancy Talbott says the group believes low-energy plasma from outer space causes the crop formations.

Interesting theory. See crop circles here.

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  1. mike Lettau

    I think that UFOs is the biggest news on our planet now. So why does not our Governments of Cana
    da and U.S. disclose all they have on there UFO files. As we the people have a right to know.
    This is Mike Lettau in Toronto Canada and I say we have a right to know. Cheers mike

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