Creepy news round up…. July 9, 2003

By | July 10, 2008

Ever notice local news web sites have no idea they are read all over the world … by many who have never heard of their city? Check this site/story: A man with no clothes stole food, accosted a woman and then attacked her boyfriend with windshield wiper fluid before fleeing. He was arrested shortly afterward. Somewhere… in a place called Shippensburg. … Earth, I’m guessing. And speaking of clueless.. how can you put a bullet through you head and not realize it for 24 hours?

Norway, on the other hand, has it right. If you have a web site in Norway, tell people. Right up front. News from Norway. No doubt about it. There is an odd report of thousands of “red forest snails” crowding around two cabins in Sør-Trøndelag county. Obviously, if you have pneumonia, you’d want to get into that cabin so the snails can cure you… or not.

Public Service Announcement: Getting serviced in public on a beach? Sure, but do it in a Western country which is not so sex starved or the locals may capture you for their own purposes for about six years…. yeah, just the woman, actually.

What the heck is a Dalek? Kids know. I’m too lazy to google it right now.

And on the topic of kids, procreation is old hat. If you live in New York you can fly to Haiti and get one today. It only takes 10 hours to buy an 11-year-old girl for $150, or $10,000 or nothing. The under cover reporter who did it writes that “There are an estimated 300,000 child slaves in Haiti according to UNICEF.”

There are more human slaves alive today than at any other time in history… partly because there are more people alive today then ever. More dead people too… in fact, some places are running out of room to bury them.

And speaking of cemeteries, look what one groundskeeper found when he cut down a tree:

Okay, that is freakin’ creepy. Did the tree grow right through a person’s head and cause this impression???

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  1. Ann

    More slaves today than before … the current colonization of Iraq … sometimes I think nothing has changed over a 100 years.

    And, about the red snails, before they surrounded the 2 houses in Norway they haven’t been seen in that country for a 100 years! … Proves my point, nothing has changed.

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