Creepy crawlers taking over town, is it "something biblical"?

By | June 16, 2012

A strange and slimy situation has skin crawling in a real-life creep show in one Portsmouth, Ohio neighborhood.

People on Mabert Road say every night, countless tiny creatures that appear to be centipedes cover their porches, sidewalks, the walls of their houses and now are showing up on the inside of their homes.

“It’s a nightmare,? Letitia Reedy said. ?It’s an absolute nightmare. After the sun goes down, that’s when they come out.”

“You get up and you walk out on the porch, walk to the sidewalk, and all you hear is crunch, crunch, crunch as you walk to your car,” Mike Sutherland said.

Mary Lucas says she woke up to find one of the crawlers had gotten into her bed.

“It’s pretty frightening when you wake up, and there’s a bug in your bed,” Lucas said.

Sutherland says they’ve begun showing up in his shower.

Seeing the hoards of creatures night after night gives him a feeling he can’t wash off.

“Everyone said “No, it ain’t nothing biblical.” I believe it is,” he said.

They tried to get answers from the Ohio State University extension service in Scioto County, but were told the man who would normally help is off this week.

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“Worldwide there are estimated to be 8,000 species of centipede,[4] of which 3,000 have been described.” … Some species of centipede can be hazardous to humans because of their bite. Although a bite to an adult human is usually very painful and may cause severe swelling, chills, fever, and weakness, it is unlikely to be fatal. Bites can be dangerous to small children and those with allergies to bee stings. The bite of larger centipedes can induce anaphylactic shock in such people. Smaller centipedes usually do not puncture human skin.[13]wikipedia

Climate change will result in new population explosions as well as extinctions. One is okay, but thousands at once give me the creeps.

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