Creepy Backwards Head Twisting Video

By | August 29, 2006

Creepy Backwards Head Twisting VideoClick the picture to play the video. Yes, it has to be fake, but how did they do it? I can think of a few ways, but the easiest would be: His head is really a mask and he turns it around.

It just doesn’t look like that to me. Perhaps they did this: Edit the part of the video with his head so it is out of synch with the part of the video with his body.? This way you don’t have to create a fake head.

You just need to have him do two takes:

Take one: he moves his hands as if he is dislocating his head, and …

Take two: he keeps his hands down and moves his head as his hands directed in the first take.

The blurry video makes it easier. Still, it is amazing to watch. I gotta try this some day with a video camera to see what I’m picturing can actually be done.

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