Create Your Own Sprint Ringtones

By | February 27, 2008

Create Your Own Sprint Ringtones


3. Convert the file to WAV, shorten it to 30 seconds or less. I used Audacity for that task.
4. Reduce the sound quality to be PCM, mono, 8 kHz, 16-bit..
5. Use PureVoice Converter to convert the WAV file to a QCP file (drag the WAV file onto pvconv.exe).
6. Upload the QCP file to the Mobile Phone Uploader.
7. Download it from that site to your phone and assign it like you would any other ringtone.

Got this to work today! It was difficult to find the pvconv.exe file. It looks like I can add games or even my own programs for free to my phone if I can make or find .jar files to upload.

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