Cow gives birth to triplets of different breeds

By | July 27, 2010

Cow gives birth to triplets of different breedsHolstein Friesian cow Coco delivered three healthy calves without any assistance, which is a one-in-105,000 chance.

Even more rarely, two of the calves are from the Belgian Blue Cross breed and the third is a Charolais Cross.

Owner Anthony Gothard, 37, who runs a dairy farm at Stoke St Gregory, Somerset, said this is because Coco was inseminated using a ”concoction” of different bulls.

He said: ”We were really surprised because we’d never seen it.

”There’s three generations on the farm now and my grandfather came out to see them because he’s never experienced it before.

”But what’s quite uncanny as well as they’re two different breeds of calf.

”Because we artificially inseminate our cattle we sometimes use a concoction of different bulls in the insemination.

”On rare occasions you might get a pare of twins where one is one breed and one another.

”What we’ve got here is two Belgian Blue Cross calves, and one Charolais Cross, which makes it even more amazing.” …

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