Cover up: USDA to cut back BSE testing program

By | July 20, 2006

Cover up USDA to cut back BSE testing programThe old “saving money by looking the other way” food safety method. Makes sense. Actually, like most things, we probably don’t know the half of it. Have you “herd” about the Mad Cow “cover up“, “cover up“, “cover up“? Beef, so I hear, is the largest source of revenue for US agriculture at $150 billion dollars per year. The scary thing is, there may be a chemical source for all Alzheimer’s, BSE and CJD: Organophosphates developed by the Nazi during WWII as nerve agent weapon are now used in insecticides. At least one site hints that the pharmaceutical industry is behind the suspicious deaths of two leading brain CJD and Alzheimer’s brain researchers in recent years to keep that connection hidden. ( To avoid lawsuits in the billions, govt liability, etc. )

“…the [Mark Purdey / David R. Brown] chemical poisoning model matches with the epidermiological spread of CJD clusters in humans. It also predicts the incidence of BSE-type diseases in animals. The accepted infectious model fits neither.” – mercola

“Farmers were instructed to pour the pesticides directly over the spines of cows to kill the warble fly larvae;” – cdreams

“Cambridge scientist David R. Brown is hot on the trail. His recent research has shown that the prion proteins linked to BSE can bond destructively with manganese found in animal feeds or mineral licks. His latest, as yet unpublished work has found a tenfold increase in the metal manganese in brains of CJD victims. … manganese-tipped prions could be the principal cause of the neurological degeneration seen in BSE. But manganese is only the bullet — organophosphate insecticide is the high-velocity gun. It fires manganese into the brain by depleting copper which the manganese then replaces. Purdey says the manganese-tipped prions set off lethal chain reactions that neurologically burn through the animal. Phosmet organophosphate has been used at high doses in British warble fly campaigns. Privately, scientists will confirm that prions in the bovine spine — along which this insecticide is applied — can be damaged by ICI’s Phosmet organophosphate insecticide. But few will state it publicly or publish it as scientific finding. ” – cqs

So, there’s some background, now read the normal news story that everyone else is reading…

The US government’s expanded testing program for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) will be cut back soon, having shown that the nation has “no significant BSE problem,” Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said today. – umn

Hear that? “No significant BSE problem” … but about 4.5 million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s disease and that number is expected to skyrocket. Are chemical companies killing millions and causing horrible suffering for families? Eat organic. Insecticides like Phosmet are used in the US on fruit as well as cattle.

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