Courts of Stupidity

By | April 6, 2006

Courts of Stupidity

Zacarias Moussaoui was in jail on 9/11. Killing him will be murder, not justice. Killing people who are guilty by association is a violation of human rights. A jury can not “find” that a person has no rights. A president can not “declare” that a person has no rights. A judge can not “rule” that a person has no human rights.

Terrorists kill those who evoke something horrible in their wrathful minds. Is that who we want to become? If lies that lead to massive horrible deaths are to be a new justification for execution, don’t our own leaders qualify? ( WMDs ?)

During witch hunts in the Dark Ages a similar ‘fool proof’ system was used: somebody who was accused of witchcraft was thrown in the water, mostly shackled. – [] – Could they swim and survived, that was the ‘proof’ that they were guilty. When they drowned, they were innocent…

And speaking of remote controls… 50,000 Volts will make you confess to anything.

… first the stun belt is put on, and then the 50,000 Volt scared victim is for example given this official document to sign: YOU ARE HEREBY ADVISED THAT YOU ARE BEING REQUIRED TO WEAR AN ELECTRONIC RESTRAINT BELT. This belt discharges 50,000 volts of electricity. By means of a remote transmitter, an attending officer has the ability to activate the stun package… –INDY

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