Court Papers Say Bush is a Leaker

By | April 6, 2006

Court Papers Say Bush is a Leaker

Court documents made public in Washington Thursday contend that President Bush personally authorized the disclosure of classified information on Iraq’s weapons program to rebut critics of the U.S.-led invasion. The court papers were filed by prosecutors investigating who leaked the identity of a covert CIA officer to journalists in 2003.

Libby testified that Vice President Cheney told him that President Bush himself had authorized the release of classified intelligence information on Iraq’s weapons program. Libby was supposed to secretly relay that information to journalists in order to counter critics of the Iraq war.

“Now the president has said he would fire anyone who would leak this kind of information. But it now seems that he authorized leaks just like this in the first place. The American people deserve the truth,” he said.

Legal analysts say the revelations about President Bush’s purported role in authorizing the release of the information could make it more likely that both he and Vice President Cheney could be called as witnesses when Lewis Libby goes on trial. – VOANEWS

“He says that he was told directly by Cheney that the president has authorized this, that the information was sensitive, yes, but not classified and not secret and so therefore it wasn’t a crime.” – CBC

Leaking classified information? That would make W guilty of treason, wouldn’t it? Not if Cheney lied to Libby about what Bush said. Ick Cheney is the worst president we’ve EVER secretly had. Another way they might try to weasel out of this is to say that anything W leaks is instantly declassified because he is like some kind of king or god or something.

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